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Supplier of high performance frame kits
Phasor Cycles specializes in producing high quality off road electric bikes and frames. The Phasor frame is tailored for the DIY builder that wants a platform for a high performance electric mountain bike. Whether you want a bike light and agile like a mountain bike or fast like a motorcycle, an off-road beast or street cruiser and anything in between, the Phasor frame is designed to handle it all. You decide how you want it to ride and we can help you build it.

"The Phasor is essentially a DIY electric bike builders dream"
- ElectricBike.com
The Phasor frame is based upon a simple yet versatile design that allows for a mild or wild bike depending on your budget and goals. The frame features a large internal volume designed to accommodate nearly all electric power supplies suitable for an electric cycle. This allows you to conceal and protect your batteries, controller, and even charger inside the frame giving a clean and finished look that most after market electric cycle components cannot provide.

"The bicycle [...] is quite powerful, solid and power efficient for your trips in rough terrains and rides up to the mountain"
- EcoFriend.com
Each bike is different, because each customer has unique goals. You can find various power solutions that will work with our frame in our Component Information section. Check out what some of our customers have come up with on our Customer Bikes section. We will soon be offering fully built turnkey electric bikes upon special request, so keep your eyes peeled for updates. For more information and pricing contact us via our Contact Page.
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Phasor Cycles is collaborating with DaVinci Drive Systems to create a bolt-in frame solution for their high power, ultra efficient mid drive systems. Look for new product options coming in 2015!                                      


Our Company
Phasor Cycles was created by David Pearce and Dan Southard out of a passion for motorized vehicles of all kinds and having fun outdoors. They share the belief that electric propulsion is the way of the future and that fun is the universal catalyst that can help realize this vision.

Upon graduating from California State University at Long Beach (CSULB) they had already completed their first successful prototype electric mountain bike concept as their senior project for mechanical engineering.

This concept and their innovative business plan helped them to win CSULB's inaugural Innovation Challenge. The Innovation Challenge challenges students to produce an innovative and marketable product to build a business upon. The funding provided by winning the challenge gave them the resources to launch the company with the support of CSULB.

Dan has since parted ways with the company to pursue other interests including sailing across the Atlantic ocean. The company is still running strong with David at the helm as he custom designs and builds each of the Phasor frames for his customers.

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